Character Creation

Start at level 1

I would like some sort of background and character development in the character builds. I want to have some roleplaying in this to keep it interesting if we keep playing for the long haul.

I would like your guys character to have ben built using heroic point buy.

You start with 180 gold. Spend it how you wish.

Everything in Players Handbook, Advanced players guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic is legal for purchase or play. Including spells, feat, skills, and class.

We will use hero points (because you are heros)

Pick one Trait from the players guide to THE CURSE OF THE CRIMSON THRONE.

You do not have to make a new character if you have one that you want to play. I does need to meet the requirement though. If anyone does want to change characters let me know so I can make sure the party stays functional. I.E. not 3 healers.

I think that covers it. let me know if there are any questions.

Character Creation

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