The Curse of the Crimson Throne


The party makes a sound decision. Split up. A player who does not have a character posted on the site Is ambushed by colossal killer spiders. His valiant actions save his allies from a trap that would have surely killed the party. He proceeds to the temple and is healed. He now owes the church a favor because he could not afford the healing.

The rest of the party continue on. None of them find the hidden door to the ship. The group managed to circumvent the whole build up to their arch enemy and went right to his door. They burst into the room and Gaedren Lamm shots his pet alligator. The alligator is now in a very unpleasant mood. After a faster battle than the DM had hoped for the party was victories and vanquished Gaedren Lamm and his alligator.

As they searched his room they found a Harrow deck and what appeared to be Zellara head. Another character who is not here did a heal check and revealed that the head and the person it belonged to must have been dead at least 2 weeks. A ginger that is not have his character questioned how it could be Zellara when the party just spoke to her the other day (even though his character was not there).

The party decided to kill anyone else involved with Gaedren Lamm. They begin a siege on the compound. They see a bunch of orphans and decide to start attacking them. One makes a run for the door. He is chased down and it is revealed it is THE ONE LEGED KNOME Hookshanks Gruller That Strocken Hoff Has ben searching for. He and mastiff are killed with great prejudice. The orphans run off before the party gets the chance to kill them.


Oralius Secks,Strocken Hoff,and the other characters(lame asses not using the site yet so i cant link to there characters) were going about living there individual lives. As they went about there business they found Harrow cards on there person that seemed to appear from nowhere. It had written on it a name that every character knew and hated. That man was Gaedren Lamm . The card also told the players to meet at a home not far from the old fisheries. As Oralius Secks tries to stealthily navigate around the home he manages to make a fool of himself a knocks a pot over. No one seems to notice. As the players gather one by one they began to talk and come to find out that they all have been seriously wronged by the same man. After the ninja successfully hides while the conversation takes place Zellara enters the home. She proceeds to tell the story of her Harrow deck being stollen by a pick pocket. The deck is her prized possession, source of income, and family heirloom. Zellara‘s son is certain that Gaedren Lamm’s cut purses are behind it. He takes action. A few days go by and Zellara receives a package containing her sons hands and head. She summed the party together to exact there and her revenge.

The party travels to the slums
Old korvosa slums by ben wootten

The party depart and choses to split up while a few characters scout ahead. They chose to “barrow” a boat to scout the water side of the address of Gaedren Lamm that was given to them from Zellara.

Day 3 Unrest

The party finish out clearing the old fisheries of bad dudes. As the party leaves the fisheries they see the streets in anarchy. Hell knights walking the streets as enforcers, A sable company griffon and rider crash to there death mere yards from the party. Smoke rises in the distance. Merchants are trying to stop looters. Angry mobs walk the streets. The new ruler Queen Ileosa has many vocal supporters and detractors. Dock workers leave there work and start rioting. The city has gone mad. Strocken Hoff intimidates a mob to save a young lordling. There are people yelling that if Blackjack he would save the city.

The Ginger with no character goes to Zellara house to see it abandoned.

The party goes to an inn to try and come up with a plan. A drunk at the bar buys Danny a drink. They strike up a conversation. As he keeps getting more and more intoxicated he reveals his name is Grau Soldado He was once trained by the best swordsman and trainer in all of Korvosa Vencarlo Orisini. Vencarlo Orisini also trained the young a beautiful woman Sabina Merrin. But there was problem. Both Vencarlo Orisini and Grau Soldado were becoming more and more attracted to Sabina Merrin. Desperate to be with Sabina Merrin, Grau Soldado forms a plot to separate Sabina Merrin and Vencarlo Orisini. This ends up in a sword battle between Vencarlo Orisini and Sabina Merrin who ends up with face scars. She was not interested with either men anyway. There are rumors she is more interested in women. Both students were kicked out of the program. Grau Soldado with all of his training went on to be Watch Captain. Sabina Merrin Went on to be the bodyguard of the queen. Grau Soldado Is still so love stricken and upset that his training is ended he has taken to drinking. The party allow him to drink till he passes out. Then they abruptly leave him at the bar.

The party go back to Zellara’s house to discover it has been empty for a while.
As Anthony (with no character sheet) enters the hose Zellara comes down from upstairs. She confirms she is a ghost. She tells them her spirit resides in the cards and she may be able to assist the party. The spirit tells the party she sees that they are destine to become heroes of Korvosa. She also tells them that some item on their person will help them on there coarse of action. After much thought they noticed they had Queen Ileosa bracelet.

So on there way to the palace they picked up a drunk Grau Soldado to see if he could be of some assistance. The guards swept Grau Soldado away to sober him up. Sabina Merrin told the party to leave there weapons behind and they could meet with Queen Ileosa to return the bracelet. Queen Ileosa appreciates the return of her bracelet in these dark days. She says that the city needs heroes in these crazy times and recruits them into the city guard. Queen Ileosa gives the party a hefty reward and they are whisked of to the guard.


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