MW Dagger

Dagger that is a masterwork

weapon (melee)

The well crafted, 13 inch, double edged blade travels the entire length of this weapon making it sturdy and well balanced.


This dagger was crafted 13 years before the adventurers found it. The smith took great pride in her work. She decided to call him Craig. Shortly after he was brought into the world, Craig was purchased by a man called Rupert. Although Rupert was a known murderer, Craig was only accomplice to 8. Rupert’s reign of terror was ended when a party of adventurers slew him and liberated Craig the masterwork dagger. How dearly sweet Craig wished not to be plunged into the abdomens of the innocent anymore. Craig aspired to see the world and now hopes that his new owners will make his wish come true or at the very least treat him with a kindness he has never known.

MW Dagger

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