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Zellara is an attractive middle-aged Varisian woman with long dark hair.


After her Harrow deck (her only source of income and an heirloom handed down to her by her mother) was pickpocketed by one of Lamm’s Little Lambs, Zellara’s son Eran took it upon himself to get back the deck. He was murdered by Gaedren’s thugs and his head and hands were returned to Zellara in a box as a gift and a threat.

Zellara went to the Korvosan Guard, but they had little additional time or resources to devote to Lamm. Frustrated, desperate, and harboring a growing need for revenge, Zellara took it upon herself to track down Lamm, drawing upon the Harrow’s divinations for aid. Her latent magical skill, combined with her persistence and obsession, gave her results.

Zellara has called a small group of those in whom she senses the greatest honor, the greatest strength, the greatest potential, and the greatest anger to her side seeking to avenge herself upon her tormentor.

Guided by Zellara’s information, Gaedren Lamm has been slain and her Harrow deck has been recovered. More shockingly, however her crudely preserved head has been discovered amongst Lamm’s possessions.

When the heroes returned to Zellara’s dwelling, she was able to manifest again, apologizing for the deception and explaining that she was anchored to items of personal significance. She also revealed that she was somehow tied to the fate of the city and could not move on as long as Korvosa was in chaos and that although she was unsure of how exactly it was to happen, the heroes were inextricably bound by the strings of fate to the survival of Korvosa itself.


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