The Curse of the Crimson Throne


The party makes a sound decision. Split up. A player who does not have a character posted on the site Is ambushed by colossal killer spiders. His valiant actions save his allies from a trap that would have surely killed the party. He proceeds to the temple and is healed. He now owes the church a favor because he could not afford the healing.

The rest of the party continue on. None of them find the hidden door to the ship. The group managed to circumvent the whole build up to their arch enemy and went right to his door. They burst into the room and Gaedren Lamm shots his pet alligator. The alligator is now in a very unpleasant mood. After a faster battle than the DM had hoped for the party was victories and vanquished Gaedren Lamm and his alligator.

As they searched his room they found a Harrow deck and what appeared to be Zellara head. Another character who is not here did a heal check and revealed that the head and the person it belonged to must have been dead at least 2 weeks. A ginger that is not have his character questioned how it could be Zellara when the party just spoke to her the other day (even though his character was not there).

The party decided to kill anyone else involved with Gaedren Lamm. They begin a siege on the compound. They see a bunch of orphans and decide to start attacking them. One makes a run for the door. He is chased down and it is revealed it is THE ONE LEGED KNOME Hookshanks Gruller That Strocken Hoff Has ben searching for. He and mastiff are killed with great prejudice. The orphans run off before the party gets the chance to kill them.



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