The Curse of the Crimson Throne


Oralius Secks,Strocken Hoff,and the other characters(lame asses not using the site yet so i cant link to there characters) were going about living there individual lives. As they went about there business they found Harrow cards on there person that seemed to appear from nowhere. It had written on it a name that every character knew and hated. That man was Gaedren Lamm . The card also told the players to meet at a home not far from the old fisheries. As Oralius Secks tries to stealthily navigate around the home he manages to make a fool of himself a knocks a pot over. No one seems to notice. As the players gather one by one they began to talk and come to find out that they all have been seriously wronged by the same man. After the ninja successfully hides while the conversation takes place Zellara enters the home. She proceeds to tell the story of her Harrow deck being stollen by a pick pocket. The deck is her prized possession, source of income, and family heirloom. Zellara‘s son is certain that Gaedren Lamm’s cut purses are behind it. He takes action. A few days go by and Zellara receives a package containing her sons hands and head. She summed the party together to exact there and her revenge.

The party travels to the slums
Old korvosa slums by ben wootten

The party depart and choses to split up while a few characters scout ahead. They chose to “barrow” a boat to scout the water side of the address of Gaedren Lamm that was given to them from Zellara.


Pumpkin Brown


In this game, 1000g was earned by each party member for returning the Queen’s brooch. Stroken and Gregorious gained extra plat for breaking up a riot. I don’t remember how much.


Sorry, in this game, the party found a total of 160g, 100s, and 200c.


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